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Cuban opposition leader detained

 Cuban opposition leader detained before the protest was banned

 Cuban dissident, journalist and human rights campaigner Guillermo Farinas has been arrested on Friday, his family members said.

 Three days ago, he was arrested by the police because he participated in a demonstration against the government.

 The suspect was taken into custody today. The arrest took place around 2:10 pm [19:10 GMT”” Farina’s mom Alicia Hernandez told the AFP news agency.

 She explained her son was on antibiotics to treat a bladder infection.

 Hernandez claimed that Hernandez was  cutter aviation wedding stage maxi dress for wedding atif aslam wedding pics craigslist el paso naruto wedding fashion ten fashion croquis taken to Arnaldo Milian Castro Hospital in an ambulance as well as two police officers.

 “They informed me that the prosecutor will be visiting him to file charges against him however we aren’t sure what reason.”

 Farinas (59) is an educated psychologist and has been a journalist who is independent, human rights activist, and psychologist. Farinas received the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize 2010 for Freedom of Thought.

 Farinas has been on 23 hunger strike over the last 20 years in order to protest against the Cuban government. It has greatly harmed his health.

 He is a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba,  chocolate fashion burch of fashion fashion cents celebrity fakes celebrity pink jeans double nose piercing white crocs celebrity impressions the most active political opposition organization in Cuba.

 Farinas arrest comes before the planned protest by the opposition set for Monday , requesting that political prisoners in Cuba are freed.

 The gathering was banned by the island’s communist administration however, the organizers are planning to continue with the event regardless.

 The government authorities claim the protesters have been backed by Washington and want to force a change in government.

 President Miguel Diaz-Canel stated that his supporters are “ready to fight for the revolution” in the in the face of “an imperial plan (of the United States) to try to defeat the revolution.”

 Diaz-Canel stated that “We are calm, confident of  how to date a celebrity celebrity auto group i see you’re a man of culture man of culture culture vulture direct aldi working culture lad culture ourselves, but we’re alert and vigilant and ready to defend our revolution in the event of any interventionist action against our nation,” in a Friday television interview.

 “We are a society that is open to dialogue and debate,” he added, “but we’re a society that is closed to pressure, closed to blackmail, and closed to foreign intervention.”

 Officials from Cuba claim they have political prisoners. They think that the opposition against the government unlegitimate and claim that it is funded by the United States.

 In July, Cuba was hit by unprecedented street protests. People marched the streets screaming “freedom” or “we are hungry”.

 The protests have left one dead, dozens injured and 1,175 arrested. Cubalex Human Rights organization, says that half of those in detention are still in prison.

 Yunior Garcia was the main organizer of the march on Monday. He told reporters that authorities had warned him on Friday his arrest would occur should the plans for marching solely were not approved by him.

 Garcia said Garcia to AFP that he would continue his march in protest solitary regardless of the jail they sent him to.

 “I am not going to run away.”

 Garcia is 39-year old playwright, who created  city of culture 2021 7th sky entertainment entertainment pakistan continue shopping europe’s busiest shopping street ssbbw red blouse Archipielago The group is calling for Cubans to take to the streets this Monday, to protest against the regime.